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During his 20-year career, Dr. Daniel Ivankovich has focused on providing state-of-the-art spine, joint and fracture care to Chicagoans from all walks of life. Dr. Dan understands the crippling pain of arthritis that his patients suffer, having personally undergone thirteen knee surgeries himself.

He's overseen 100,000+ patient visits and provides specialty care for twisted spines, degenerated joints, sports injuries and broken bones. Having performed over ten thousand surgical procedures (which include spine and joint reconstruction, open reduction & internal fixation, arthroscopy and pain management), there are few surgical challenges that he can't handle.

Additionally, Dr. Dan is a well-known public figure and humanitarian who's helped establish orthopedic outreach and patient education programs at virtually all of Chicago's safety-net hospitals. He's raised $2,500,000+ in committed grants and donations to help expand health care services in some of the poorest and most underserved communities in America.

With all of his variable expertise, there is a connecting thread. When wielding a scalpel with skill and precision squeezing, preaching on the day's relevant social issues or squeezing a blue note out of his six-string, integrity rules his reality. Dan Ivankovich delivers the goods with a street-savvy hipness and honesty that's nearly extinct in today's climate of inequitable health care policies, greed, corruption, and injustice.

An award-winning physician that’s part bluesman, healer, philosopher & shaman, and, as Rock & Roll Hall-Of-Famer Bo Diddley said about Ivankovich, "He ain't from this planet." View on Wikipedia





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